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  1. Agree with your choice of West Memphis as “best ever”. A team not mentioned would be Parkdale, which lost in the “overall finals” to that West Memphis team. They were the defending “overall” champion from the year before, and I believe they were going for their 60th straight win, when they lost to West Memphis. Lowest class team to ever win the overall. They didn’t have a starter over 6′, and if the 3 point shot had been in effect, they possibly could have beaten West Memphis. Also, West Memphis had a player named Price?? that was 6’5″ who went and played college ball at Memphis. Seem to remember Houston Nutt winning a state championship in basketball and overall champions also.

    Good article with no right or wrong answer as we’ll never know who the best really was.

    1. Just to add to Mark remarks you are absolutely correct, my brother played on the 79 and 80 team. We have WM down by 13 or so points but coach Ebbs had left after the 79 championship and the new coach (Bailey) went to a stall game and allowed WM to get back in the game and ultimately win it. Parkdale was clearly the better team and would have beat them 7 out of 10 games. My brother went on the play in the All Star with Michael Cage and Keith Lee (i think both were there) but my brother (Claiborne) was the MVP.

  2. Thanks for the nostalgic piece, Evin. I worked 3 years for the Courier News as my first newspaper job. You may not know, but Ed Hayes, who was the sports editor at the time of the Ole Miss-Arkansas game in Blytheville (long before I worked there!) went on to fame and acclaim as a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel. He had been a truck driver till Hank Haines, my long-time friend and first newspaper boss, gave him a shot at writing. Boy did Ed take the ball and run with it!

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